Professional Event Rules


Professional competitors:  Must be Ballroom Professional DanceSport Athlete members in good standing of USA Dance.

All events at this competition are gender neutral.This means that regardless of a dancer’s gender, they are welcome to compete in the role that best suits them and all amateur couples of any configuration will compete on the floor together.

Dress code: Professional Events and Adult Pro-Am Events dress code is Good Taste Rule only and dresses are allowed to have skin tone, non-stoned opaque dance pants.

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Professional Dance Events

American Smooth

  • Championship (WTFV)
  • Professional Showdance*

American Rhythm

  • Championship (CRSwBM)
  • Professional Showdance*

International Standard

  • Championship (WTVFQ)
  • Professional Showdance*

International Latin

  • Championship (SCRPJ)
  • Professional Showdance*

All professional events are open age category.
*All Showdance couples must submit a video of their Showdance entry by February 22, 2024, to the Vice President of DanceSport – Ballroom Division.

Awards and Scholarships

Up to $19,800 in cash prizes will be awarded to first through sixth places.

Award ceremonies will be held throughout the competition.

Competitor Fees

Event fees for Professional Ballroom Athlete Nationals participants include a  per couple entry fee for each event entered; entrance to the ballroom all weekend; admission to the Friday afternoon Social Dance to be held on Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. 

Event Fees

Type Price
Early Bird Special
Oct - Nov 24
Regular Pricing
Nov 25 - Feb 22
Procrastinator Special
Feb 23 - Mar 8
Pro/Pro Events – Cost per Event
Pro/Pro events $125 $125 $135
Pro ShowDance $135 $145 $155

Refund Policy

Competitors who cancel by Friday, February 16, 2024, will receive a 75% refund of their entry fees; those cancelling between February 16, 2024, and March 1, 2024, will receive a 50% refund. Those cancelling after March 1, 2024, will not receive refunds.


The scoring system used is the skating system.  The best combined score for all dances determines placement in the event.

Competition Efficiency

The organizer reserves the right to cancel events for which there are an insufficient number of entries.