Competition Rules

General Rules

This competition is run according to the current USA Dance Ballroom DanceSport Rulebook. All competitors should refer to the rulebook prior to entering.  You may access and download the rulebook at

Participants of this event are obligated to adhere to these rules and may be asked to leave the ballroom and the competition at the discretion of the organizer if caught not obeying these rules. This includes the rules of good sportsmanship, and any competitor, coach, family member, or spectator who is asked to leave the competition because of poor behavior WILL NOT receive a refund for their tickets or entries.

Except in ShowDance, no lifts or props are permitted in any division.

No food or drink may be brought onto the dance floor.

NO DANCE AIDS such as soap flakes or dance wax may be placed on the dance floor, and no water or soda may be put on the floor/carpet by the on-deck area or any other area of the ballroom. Doing so will result in a fine being assessed by USA Dance and disqualification from the competition.

The organizer, USA Dance, is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property left in the changing rooms, event facilities, or hotel rooms. Furthermore, the organizers cannot be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event.

All participants attending this event do so at their own risk.

The USA Dance Ballroom DanceSport Rulebook

Costume Dress Code

In 2022, the USA Dance Board of Directors approved a new Dress Code that is streamlined, allows clear choices for all competitors from Pre-teen 1 to Senior V, is easier to follow, and respects our Gender Neutral policy. 


A videographer will be available to videotape competitors upon request. A professional photographer will also be available to take action shots upon request.

Private photography and videography are allowed; however, unless you are an officially registered photographer, you may take photographs only while sitting in your seat or in the designated area.  Please do not obstruct anyone else’s view of the dancing.  In addition, camera/video lenses that extend more than 6 inches beyond the base of the camera are not to be used.  There will be no photographing or videotaping from the floor, the aisles, or walkways.  No flash photography is allowed unless you are an official photographer.  All pictures/videos are for one’s personal use and are not for commercial use or sales.  Tripods are allowed only in the designated area.  Monopods are allowed as long as no one’s view is obstructed, but one must be seated when using a monopod.