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MARCH 17-19, 2023

USA Dance

National Ballroom
DanceSport Championships


Over $200,000 in scholarships & Cash Prizes

Senior i & Senior III title sponsorship
by Cunard® Cruises & Vivian Beiswenger

Welcome & Thank You

Ken Richards, President USA Dance, Inc.

Dear Athletes, Fans, Sponsors, Officials, Coaches, Parents, Social Dancers, Vendors, and Fellow Volunteers:

On behalf of the USA Dance Board of Directors and the Ballroom DanceSport Council, I extend a warm invitation to join us at the 2023 USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships.  At this event you will observe America’s best athletes competing to become crowned the National Champions of their divisions.  This is also the National DanceSport event that determines which athletes will represent the United States at upcoming World DanceSport Federation’s (WDSF) World Championships and Cups.

Please visit the informative pages of this dedicated website to learn more.  Register for the competitionpurchase tickets, and connect with the Hyatt Regency for your reservations.  Whether you are competing in one event or in a multitude of styles and divisions, or just watching, we hope you can stay for the entire three days.

Ken Richards
President | USA Dance, Inc.

Ann Durocher

Dear All:

As organizing chairperson, I am pleased to welcome back most of the 2022 planning team.  After having such a successful Nationals in Pittsburgh, it helps to have continuity as we move to St. Louis for what we expect to be another outstanding USA Dance 2023 National Ballroom DanceSport Championships.  Although we will miss having the volunteer support of a strong chapter, Social Vice President Lolita Brawner is stepping up to fill the gap with a Social Leadership Conference planned during the weekend.  In addition, there will be a social dance and workshops.  So, dancers, encourage your local board members to join you in St. Louis where they can cheer you on to victory and enjoy the social activities themselves during the weekend.  Working together to grow the organization makes USA Dance much stronger.

On the competition side, we look forward to again having a wholly complete ballroom Nationals; all age groups, skill levels, amateur, pro-am and professional.  We’ve got it all!

Join us as we celebrate our unity and share the excitement as new champions are crowned.

As the song goes, “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

Ann Durocher
Organizer Chair | USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships 

Affiliate Organizations

US Olympic and Paralympic Committee

USA Dance is USOPC Recognized Sports Organization for DanceSport. Founded in 1894, the USOPC empowers Team USA athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence and well-being.


USA Dance being a USOPC designated, Recognized Sport Organization, to the extent appropriate, abides by the policies and procedures of the USAOC and the USOPC – designated independent safe sport entity, the US Center for SafeSport (the “SafeSport Entity”).  

USA Dance - Member of WDSF

USA Dance is the United States National Member Body (NMB) of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). The WDSF is the recognized member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and a member of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sport Federations (ARISF). As such the WDSF and its NMBs are responsible for the governance of DanceSport internationally and in their respective countries. As a member of the International World Games Association the WDSF and its NGBs select representatives to participate in the World Games every four years which were held in Birmingham, Alabama in 2022. Each year National representatives are sent to participate in the WDSF World Championships to compete for World Titles. In November 2022, the WDSF Senior II Ten Dance World Championships was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cunard® Cruises &
Vivian Beiswenger

The 2023 USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships is excited to announce that Cunard® Cruises and Vivian Beiswenger are the title sponsors for the Senior I Championship Competitions and the Senior III Championship Rhythm Competition. Cruises are excellent opportunities to see unique locations without needing to sort out the logistics from A to B yourself. If you want to see bucket-list opportunities you can do no other way such as the Alaskan Glaciers or the Panama Canal, consider taking a trip on Cunard® Cruises. If you are worried about not having like-minded people to travel with, fear not – Vivian Beiswenger has opportunities around the world that specialize in welcoming ballroom dancers and ballroom dancing throughout the trip! There will be a booth at the event, or you can just visit their websites at www.cunard.com and Dancing Around the World with Vivian Beiswenger
Cunard® Cruises span the length and breadth of the globe and range from three nights to three months. Each offers ample opportunity to discover the unrivaled sense of freedom and possibility found on board, and the fascinating destinations and cultures you can explore when you sail with them.